Our first 2020 exclusive interview with Semu aka The Bandit

We are excited and glad to publish our first exclusive interview with the upcoming rapper Semu, aka The bandit.

Semu is about to impose his place in the game and to set a new era for 2020 with his hybrid music. Hip Hop flow in the soul, African touches in the heart: the result is unique!

As a coast 2 coast Live 1rst place artist and a regular at BET, he already attracted the attention of the industry professionals. Moreover, he is one of those rare artists able to sell their music without the need of music distribution services: his new album entitled “The Bandit” is being sold on a direct to fan basis.

The-Further met with Semu, an “Afriking” as he likes to say, for an exclusive interview about his path and career.

Welcome to The Further. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Who are you and where are you from?

Peace and thank you to the good folks at The Further, I’m the ßandit Don, Semu U. I am a new energy in the music arena hear it relieve you of repetitive formats and service the culture with a fresh take on art and expression through various genre experiments. I am New York Raised and born in East Africa.

Shall we call you Semu or The Bandit? What is the signification of these names and nicknames to you?

Either or is fine, Semu is my birth name given to me by my father Mugabi and my momma Anna Lee. The ßandit is my moniker I gave myself as an outcast or outlaw here to take my rightful place in this new era as a pioneer in music art. I live a Bandit Lifestyle that i encourage others to practice of taking their place in today’s new world in their industry of passion.

You’re sound is different from what we are used to hearing nowadays in Hip-Hop or even Black music.  We absolutely love it! What inspires you to write music and what is your recipe?

I am glad you enjoy my take on music. I do music for all cultures and ages. But I do aim to expand the idea of Black music. I am inspired by pushing to new territories of expression I don’t see in the market. And to give kids another avenue of exploring their imagination. The recipe is not available due to my desire to evolve with each song. You won’t hear 2 of the same from the ßandit.

How did you connect with your producers (JNR, Beneficial, Rich Green), and how do you work with your team?

JNR is a talented producer out of Futures camp that I met through a talented collaborator and friend by the name of Master Krafter. Beneficial is my life long friend who I have done hundreds of unreleased records with. Rich green is an artist actually who I am filming a video with soon off my new album the ßandit

You said that “I have been overlooked, like the Africas & Islands”. What form does this take and what is your answer to fight that?

The form I can not say. but the means to fight it is creating provocative content and interviews that lead to action through live events. Through this, my message is able to be on a larger scale of awareness and allowing more access to those of influence.

Since your start in the music industry, you have been offered 3 recording deals, and you are able to sell direct to fan. Moreover, your new album “The Bandit” is available on direct demand. Is it by choice and can you explain how you see the business?

I don’t trust nor like the means in which has been popularized to distribute music and collect the efforts put in by my production counterparts and I. I have been working with Nipsey Hussle imprint All Money In and there DJ/executive DJ V.I.P. It is wiser to sell direct and more so I looked to build a more intimate connection with my supporters and Bandit Squadron. Giving my music to an automated machine takes the life out of my hard efforts to create and puts me in the space with other artists. I’m not these other artists. I’m the ßandit and will impact music and culture in this new decade.

Also, what will we find in this new album?

In this new album, you will find pieces of my personality, my travels, my intimate relationships with those that impacted my life. You will find formats and formulas never done. You will find a new artist that dares to do deliver something new.

Finally, we are curious to know your top 5 artists?

My top 5 artists are. Muhammad Ali, Idi Amin, Michael Jackson, Cee Lo Green, & The ßandit

Make sure to connect with The Bandit and grab his new album right now: @semumusic.