“Remembering Outside”, a marvelous sonic journey by Chris Russo

Almost the end of the year! The festive season is upon us but in complex times. In this unsure context, the world needs more than ever a bit of hope and joy. Chris Russo’s music is exactly what we needed.

We discovered him thanks to “Remembering Outside”, a marvelous sonic journey full of hope and pleasant emotions. Effortlessly blending rock sonorities with touches of jazzy-pop, the fusion of sounds offers a timeless moment.  

From start to finish, the guitars are silky, the arrangements unworldly and Chris Russo showcases his charismatic interpretation and artistic vision. “Remembering Outside” is a Christmas gift, listen to his music now on BandCamp here:

The artist has announced a new album “terre lontane” for 2023, stay tuned !

“My compositions, , are born by chance. I believe they are gifts sent to us mortal beings from a higher entity. So we are just a transmission tool. I call myself “a little radio” playing music on behalf of God.” Chris Russo.