Terry Blade returns with a powerful project entitled “American Descendant of Slavery”

If you are from this planet, you already know Terry Blade as we reviewed many of his tracks, included “Black Hurts” and“Unloveable” a few months ago.

The artist, who has been very productive for the past few years, is on our list of the best 2020 artists. With his latest delivery, a passioning opus entitled “American Descendant of Slavery”, Terry Blade once again proves that he is capable of delivering complete and outstanding musical projects. 

The album focuses on the intersectionality of his social and cultural identity as a gay African-American descendant of slavery in the United States. A deep, powerful, and urgent message.

The project is splendid as it incorporates original music with audio recordings of former African-American slaves. A musical gift. 

Terry Blade delivered a creative project through black music, and culture: this is everything we crave for and that we need. Bravo and thank you Terry Blade!