308 GHOST TRAIN Returns with “Bleed Over me”.

In these times of uncertainty, we needed a special moment, a song that would take us away, in other places, and that would stand out from the crowd.  That’s when 308 GHOST TRAIN, a band from Cortez, Florida, steps in.

Indeed, we discovered the rock act thanks to their recent single “Bleed Over Me”, without a doubt one of the best of the week. The rock song unveils haunting and sensual electric guitar, beautiful and nostalgic lyrical content, and touching piano melodies.

Extracted from their second EP entitled “Train Of Thought”, “Bleed Over Me” is the kind of song that you want to hear on repeat on radios.

This is also what we call a beautiful and real musical moment, simply and purely.

Don’t forget to connect with the band and to follow their steps on instagram: @308ghosttrainband .

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