Multi-talented artist NEOMAN will rock the world with his new single: ‘Sides’

FRIDAY ALERT: We are super excited to reveal our discovery for the end of the week. A producer, musician, and multi-talented artist: NEOMAN. Coming straight from America, NEOMAN releases today his single entitled ‘Sides’. 

The artist who produced music in the San Francisco based dance DJ duo BLAUS for many years has released several tracks in 2019 and with ‘Sides’ he definitely has a place among the 2020 best producers.



The quality of the production impeccable, and we also enjoyed the way NEOMAN creates with multiple music genres: pop, electro, touches of the SF dance ‘booty house’ (a movement he comes from). It’s a unique vibe that you will have to experience for yourself based off of your own perception. 

We are impressed by his creation process, which must certainly reflect his subtle and complex personality: we understand the choice of such a title ‘Sides’. See for yourself and discover this dope single, out on all music platforms