8 tracks to get the mood before Christmas time.

It’s the moment to chill enjoy a few minutes of powerful and catchy music. Today in our playlist :

Tinho James and his delightful pop-rock with “I Don’t Care”,

Jamika Force and his team on the solar “Biza Level”,

the one and only Belaro on “Dirty”,

18 Acres on a savorous authentic hip-hop on his track “I Like People”,

K!ng_V with the crazy “Like This!”,

ForTune and the banger ” Be My Melody”,

Onyx Léon and the immense “Better Than Me”,

Phildel with the magical “Fires”,

It’s free and it’s just right here : 

Tinho James – I Don’t Care
18 Acres – I Like People
K!ng_V – Like This!
ForTune – Be My Melody
Onyx Léon – Better Than Me