Txnic Unveils new single “Own Code”

As we recover from the lockdown and we start to have a life again, our expectations for new music releases tend to be quite high for the new season. Rising artist Txnic has just set the pace with his spectacular new single “Own Code”. 

The song “Own Code” is an expression of his life’s blueprint. He brings a touch of Caribbean influence and hip hop finesse in his voice and lyrics. Combining his experiences in his hometown St.Vincent and current residency in Toronto, he ultimately creates his very own code.

The track proves two things here: Txnic is ready for the limelight and his visionary artistic approach will make waves into the industry. 

In an area where creativity is rarer and rarer, “Own Code” is fresh air for our ears, and it will end up integrating your playlists. It is out now on all music platforms HERE and is on our list of the best track of 2021: