A blessed musical Thursday with “Sh!t Like That” by Birthpush

Our redaction loves to discover unique artists like Birthpush who have their own musical universe and bring a new kind of vibe to the table. This is thanks to them that the music industry can evolve for the best.

“Sh!t Like That”, ft Big Meet and Rogie, slides between the present and the future thanks to an outstanding creative recipe. The tracks blend Pop music with touches of electro and some hip hop rhythms. We would not dare to label “Sh!t Like That” as it doesn’t enter into one precise genre, and that’s exactly what we love and expect from upcoming artists. 

The productive artist who drops a track each week is not ready to slow it down anytime soon: Birthpush proves to us that creative artists still exist and it gives us hope in the industry again! 

Discover “Sh!t Like That” right now: