We Don’t Ride Llamas share powerful new track “(2-Inch) Grave”

Dive into the vibrant world of Metal with We Don’t Ride Llamas [WDRL], a band formed in 2014 in the heart of Austin, Texas. All siblings, at the forefront stands Max, the charismatic frontman, whose impassioned and nuanced vocals lead the charge. Then, we have Blake (Drums), Kit (bass), and Chase (guitar) each bringing their own inimitable style and impressive skill. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like JDilla, Bob Marley, Living Colour, and Jimi Hendrix, WDRL’s electrifying performances captivate audiences and ignite a spirit of solidarity. Whether they’re rocking out at a local venue on 6th Street or showcasing their skills on an international stage, the band’s presence is felt, their message resonating with all who listen.

From their upcoming LP, “American I(con)”, the band has released the first single, “(2-Inch) Grave”, a Metal dirge created in homage to the 246+ people who died during the 2021 winter storm, Uri, at the hands of corporate greed. Tapping into the anxiety, sorrow, and rage they experienced, living through days without power in freezing temperatures, and then learning along with the rest of the world that the outages could have been prevented, the band poured their fury into song. “(2-Inch) Grave” is a protest on behalf of those who can no longer speak for themselves.

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