A conversation with our best of the day: Snow Flakes

September already and we are looking for the freshest track to start the month on a perfect note. We are fortunate, we fell on the more exciting release for a few months, and he goes by the name of Snow Flakes. We discovered Snow Flakes with his latest “She Kill Man”, produced by famous Nigerian beat producer KILLERTUNES.

Extracted from his outstanding album “No Nation”, “She Kill Man” is a surprising and perfect mix between Afrobeat, ragga, and beautiful touches of Tango Negro: a new kind of Afro Pop. The collaboration between “Snow Flakes” and Killertunes is a success. 

The album No Nation is a masterpiece, a catchy 20 track album from start to finish. Head to the link to listen to it right now: https://africori.to/nonation.

Welcome Snow Flakes, we are glad to have you. First of all, can you tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

My name is SNOW FLAKES (Japhet Emeiwo) I am a singer, songwriter and composer who has dual nationality; Togolese nationality, which is where I was born on March 10, 1997 in Badou, and Nigerian nationality, which is where I spent most of my childhood in the state of Isuikwuato-Abia. This has meant that my life has been split between Togo and Nigeria since childhood. I started making music at my early age. Back then in school doing freestyles in class with my friends on free-beats until i got a record deal in 2018 with my Label GUN BY KATTA.
Music is my priority and the only way I feel totally free expressing and redeem myself.

What inspires you to write music?

My music has to do with my everyday life, the people around me and encounters with people. I like to watch life around me. I manifest emotions, feelings and stories in my creative work as timbres and poetry. my singing should swing and vibrate like the music on which it is carried. I want people to feel this lightness of vibration when they hear my songs. I want to touch my audience without being intrusive. Music is always a liberating and uplifting experience for me … I love to share this feeling with the people who love me, my audience. I am open to different music genres, which makes it easy for me to feel at home in different universes of sound and expresses my artistic essence again and again in different timbres and vibes. At the core, however, I am driven by Afrobeats and the self-confidence of the future and the strength of the past of my West African cultural history and music. I am a young man from Togo … one no different from all of my generation. we don’t let anything steal our dreams and nothing can stop us from realizing our visions. Mine is about music that will touch and change the world. The way is long, I learn every day and I am becoming more and more myself. Accompany me on my way. I promise you it will be an adventure.

What is your creative process?

Before I am ready to write texts or on my music I have to get my head free of stress and pressure…. I don’t do drugs… for me it is a kind of meditation… I call it my SK Level. Once I am connected I let my creativity flow.
Listening to my new album you will realize that my songs are an explicit cross-border African experience. It’s not just complacency that made me call my album NO NATION – this of course signifies my identity. The spirit of cross-border fusion, common in hip hop and rock, I use here in the Afrobeat genre. I always had the drive and set my mind on worldwide reach. Borders are fluid to me; I am a Togolese of Nigerian origin, from a creative point of view, I left the pop of my country of origin in order to push Afrobeat to a next level and advance my career on the African continent, as well as in the whole world.
My sound is upbeat, with a mid-to-high tempo beat and easy, catchy vocals. I enjoy singing vibrations and feelings that are purposeful and make you dance, shake your head, and forget your sorrows. Much of my musical appeal can be attributed to my upbeat, lively instrumentals and lyrics, which tend to celebrate life, love, and positive experiences. While singing, I define myself with a minimalist and relaxed atmosphere, typical of Afrobeat. Vocally, however, I try to manage my own identity… to maintain a characteristic that runs as a common thread throughout the album. I am Snow Flakes a.k.a. Bwadman Santana, my music is AFRO TANGO NEGRO.

Can you tell us more about your latest release?

After SEXY MARIA, I just released SHE KILL MAN (Song + Video) on Friday August 28, 2020. This is the second song, which is an extract from the album NO NATION, which was also being released on the same day.
SHE KILL MAN is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between me and the Nigerian composer and Afrobeat star, KILLERTUNES. Let describe it as an expression of the captivating passion of a love that intoxicates until it loses its soul. It is an invitation to my fans to discover the whole album; a delicious taste of NO NATION.
During several months, I worked intensively in different studios in Lomé, working closely with international composers such as Mr. Kamera (South Africa / Zimbabwe), FreshVDM (Nigeria), Killertunes (Nigeria), Mae N. Maejor (Zambia) , PayAttentionToTheDrums (Togo), Mosess Beats (Ghana), Endeetone by Beat Lord (Nigeria) and Merlin Cornu (Switzerland). You can tell that the main theme of NO NATION is also reflected in the list of people involved in the process of creating my debut album. Specialists from twelve countries were present digitally or in real life to complete the various stages of production with their specific services. Collaborators from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, The United States, Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, Switzerland and France were actively involved in the implementation of the project in countless Internet conferences and information exchanges. Now it is finally born and available to the world.

What do you plan for the future?

Actually, my Album is just like the tip of an iceberg. So expect more to come and many surprises that will follow. All I do is for my fans and for my people. I want to make our heritage and culture shine a light into the cold world we live in today. My adventure has just begun. Feel invited to join and follow me on my journey. #BlackIsTheFuture #NoNation OneTime!

Connect with Snow Flakes right now on Instagram.