Cassidy & TNGX’s New Single “A Secret”

Transnational duo Cassidy & TNGX (USA and Germany) has released a masterpiece and it is entitled “A Secret”.

It is rarer and rarer for artists to manage to capture and to hold a listener’s attention in under a few minutes, with either catchy melodies or a load of nonsense over a sure-fire production. Cassidy & TNGX is a transnational duo (one is from the USA and the second one is German), and they just have released a brand new single “A Secret”, a song that effortlessly combines trip-hop, lo-fi, and synth-pop well, and also a song that’s worth a listen from start to finish despite being over four minutes long.

“A Secret” is a poetic and hauntingly beautiful song with outstanding soundscape and splendid vocal performance. Even if they did not meet yet, both of Cassidy & TNGX successfully managed to take us into a unique journey.

“A Secret” a track that demands the majority of your attention. Press Play:

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