“With You For You” is the new album by the extraordinary La Bek. Discover our interview with the Singer now!

We discovered the extraordinary La Bek thanks to her latest beautiful album entitled “With You For You”. We immediately fell in love with this 18 tracks generous project. 

Reassuring voices, strong messages like in Hold On, one of the singles and also our favourite song, incredible musical arrangements and flawless production: this is what we call real music. 

La Bek tells us stories with heart, hope and incomparable vocal performances. We were curious to know more about her admirable career and creative process. Let’s discover the beautiful La Bek in 5 questions :


Welcome La Bek, we are glad to have you today. Can you introduce yourself to how readers. Tell us who you are and how you started your music career?

I am a storyteller/vocalist who is on fire with the passion and wisdom that comes from bringing my life experiences to expressing what a composer and lyricist have created in a well-written song. I am deeply invested in creating production/arrangements that uniquely reflect my interpretation. I started singing public when I was 9 years old.

We are impressed by your work, and the lyrics are really stong. What is your main inspiration?

I am not a songwriter but love interpreting and finding well-crafted, new, meaningful songs that inspire me to express the prosody between the lyric and music. Whether the song expresses the depths of pain or injustice, or the joy of living, I love discovering the authenticity of those feelings so that I can begin the collaborative journey of recording and performing them.

Can you tell us more about your creative process?

I work to lift and find the truth of the lyrics so that the recording or performance can add meaning to the present moment for the listener. It is a highly collaborative process. I rehearse until the depth of understanding is such that communion with the music is possible.

Congratulations on your latest album “With You For You”. A musical jewel. Can you tell us more about this project?

“With You For You” contains original compositions, blues as well as new slants on some great standards. Receiving a recording grant from Berklee College of Music where I am a faculty member, I gathered stellar Grammy award-winning musicians to record my fourth CD at the Berklee Studios. It was a memorable recording experience with many magical moments that I hope to share with you.

What do you plan for the future and your career?

For people who love excellence in music and who still love the standards and blues, I plan to keep recording and concertizing bringing new, authentic and relevant interpretations to the music. To make music with the best musicians I know because that is a joyful privilege. We will be releasing a new collection next year.


Without further ado, listen to “With You For You” NOW:

“The most vulnerable and sustaining part of expression is when we put the depth of understanding into our voice, seeking communion with the music and the moment we’re living.” Labek.