Album of the season: “Resurrection” by Oscar Bunnik

For some time now, rapper Oscar Bunnik has been on our list of the best emerging artists of his generation. His increasingly growing discography continues to attract our attention, and today he returns with his well-anticipated album “Resurrection”.

From “In The Grave” to his bonus track “Undersea Shogun”, Oscar Bunnik offers us a complete outstanding hip-hop album as it is rare to find today.

A sharp flow and a recognizable rap, well-crafted and high-quality lyrics, deep and heavy production that haunts you from the first notes: “Resurrection” has a well-deserved place among the best albums of 2021.

The rapper stands out for his creativity, but also his remarkable musicality. The album is eclectic, and gives us a real moment of music in general. It’s a 10/10.

Listen to “Resurrection” without further delay: