Artist spotlight : Beatzeps

Beatzeps, real name Mouhamed Aziz Ayari, is a German multi-gold & platinum Producer renowned for his music production skills who has achieved international success.

Being a Gold and Platinum Producer, he started composing music for French artists like Sadek, Lacrim and Mister You. He produced the successful banger ‘Un Arabe à Miami ‘ by Lacrim.

Apart from that, he has also dived into music production for well-known German artists like Haftbefehl, KC Rebell, Manuellsen and many more award-winning artists for whom he produced chart-bursting music.

With numerous hit’s in his bag, he embarked on a tour in Germany with the legendary Tyga and was also the first artist to sign the well-known producer Team Cubeatz. Later the Cubeatz duo produced music for Drake and Travis Scott.

In 2021, Beatzeps released the epic ‘Bei N8′ which is the latest song and turned out to be a sensation in the game and the music circles. The single has a riveting arrangement and delivery. The composition is sublime with melodic tones utilized by the producer. The overall vibe of the single is quite enthralling! Beatzeps proves he is a real artist, not only offering his own musical journey and recipe but also providing opportunities for young talent. And Beatzeps is well-known for that too!

He also owns WHDMH EDITION studios and provides opportunities to newcomers and one such artist who has recently been given the platform is Liz. Part of his talent lies in artists management too and thus he also manages Kristian Vendler of Vendler Tattoo.

Beatzeps amassed a huge success in France and Germany, and is not ready not down anytime soon. Follow the artist for updates about future releases: