Artist spotlight: Bouncie. Discover our interview with him on The-further

Today, our redaction meets with Bouncie, a producer with an outstanding artistic approach. He made a strong impression on our editorial staff thanks to his discography rocked by electronic elements, some surprising melodic touches, and experimental colours.

Bouncie’s music has the power to send us to a new planet and we were curious to know more about him.

Listen to Bouncie’s appealing music and Rendez-vous below to discover our interview with him:


Welcome Bouncie! Can you tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

I started at 18, I worked as a cook’s assistant in a restaurant (la flibuste), I paid my first PC and dance ejay 2 with my first salary, I’m 42 years old and i continue to create with my PC. Now I worked with ejay house 6 and LMMS.

What is your main inspiration?

The life in general, and artists i like (David Guetta, Dimitri vegas and like mike, dance 90’s) 


What is your creative process?

I don’t have something particular, I heard a sound or see something and it makes me an idea. Sometimes I search on my PC I listen to the sample I have, or I go on and I search… and tada !!! an idea:) 


Can you describe your latest release?

It’s TOGETHER, I feel inspired at the start by the track of Dimitri vegas and like mike « unity », so I search on my sample and for some samples and sound I can use. 

2 sounds give me the idea to make an energic track: fat_wide_synth_lead and sfx_synth_brass. 

I make this track in 1 month. I retouched it but I keep it for later if the track works well (TOGETHER RETOUCHED MIX) 


What do you plan for the future?

Continue to create, and find a label or a producer who believe in me on my sound. 

I want to be on the radio, make a video clip, give gigs… but I don’t know to do that, I don’t have the relation, I’m not known also. That’s why I need someone:)