Music means different things to various people, for some it’s their escape from the harsh realities of their experiences, while others attribute it to an art that expresses the beauty, harmony, and expression of various emotions. 

Reign RoseGold has had her fair share of music from a tender age and she has managed to sustain the enthusiasm she first had when she listened to the acclaimed music sensation, Kanye West through the radio as a young kid. 

His passionate lyrics and the manner in which he sang quickly caught her attention and as a 5-year-old kid, she couldn’t help but imagine herself becoming a rap and hip-hop legend in her own right, someday.

Reign RoseGold was born on the West Coast before moving to Detroit, Michigan- a place that over the years has become one of the capitals of good music.

Ever since she has nurtured her desire for music and as she grew older, she became endeared to the unique sounds and style of iconic rap artist, Nicki Minaj and the likes of Lauren Hill. 

You’ll agree that it’s impossible to listen to these Maestros and still feel like your dreams to become a legendary artist is impossible, as these legends live out the impossible in every beat, lyrics, and stage performance.

The beauty of it all is that aside from the immense inspiration that she draws from these artists, Reign RoseGold is still able to find what works for her audiences- which is her definite sound that immediately tells you she’s the one singing, even if you had a hundred other voices in the room.

Creating that requires a lot of hard work and dedication but as one who is known for her tenacity, Reign RoseGold is a creative and entertaining rap and hip-hop artist at heart and she’s already breaking new grounds in her field of endeavor.

If you listen attentively to her sounds, you’re likely to appreciate how well she’s able to blend current and modern vibes to her beats and raps while keeping her visuals in a unique 90s-style.

She particularly admires the unique flashy neon style that became famous through the Fresh Prince of BelAir reruns and you’ll find how much influence it has on her visual style.

Her style of rap makes a gentle transit into the past for some listeners while others have attested to feeling the 21st-century vibes of a next-rated music artist.

Call it what it is but Reign RoseGold is an example of an artist who puts their very best into every piece of their lyrics. 

Despite experiencing several unforgettable moments of pain, including when she lost her mother, grandmother, and partner in successions, it has only made her stronger. And more resolved to make the most of her talent in helping others get through every day with a sense of hope and enthusiasm.

Recently, she has had applaudable success with her live appearance at the Respect The Underground Showcase and if you were there or got a sneak peek of the moment, you cannot help but agree that this fast-rising star is steps closer to the leagues of renowned rap and hip-hop music sensations.