Best album of the month: M.S.O.N by ZEY DA CEO

ZEY DA CEO is our top artist of the day, an underrated R&B-Trap artist who drive you crazy all day. 

His latest release, an album entitled M.S.O.N (MR MAKE SOMETHUN OUT OF NOTHING) is a beautiful surprise in an area where it’s rarer and rarer to find projects made with quality and a true sense of musicality. 

The 6-tracks opus, produced by Smashondatrak, is exactly what we needed to keep believing in real music. By blending his powerful RnB voice with cutting-edge, trap, and soul-infused instrumentals, ZEY DA CEO brings the music to another level of creativity and artistry. 

“M.S.O.N” is a journey that you need to experiment with right now. 

Also, Rendez-vous below to discover our conversation with ZEY DA CEO.

Welcome to our redaction! Tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

I’m Isaiah Jerome Bass Sr AKA Zey Da CEO, I listened 2 Avant, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, Lyfe Jennings & most of all, my uncle “Rome” was the spark for me 2 do music. Singing & dancing 2 the Jackson 5. My uncle has been a mentor 2 me so seeing & hearing him, is where I said I wanted 2 do this 2. 

What inspires you to write and create music?

Anything can inspire me 2 write music, something I see, hear, think about or feel. I’m an artist in every sense of the word & I’m about being free when it comes 2 creativity. 

Do you have a specific creative process?

I listen before I even think about what I am going 2 say. Then I feel it, play with different notes, patterns, words & cadence. It’s the feeling & my life experiences that give me the motivation 2 write & record. 

How would you describe your latest release?

Mr. M.S.O.N means Mr. Make Sumn Outta Nun. It’s having the ability 2 think & act out ways in order 2 achieve things that u NEED or WANT 2 be done. & this can apply for a Mrs as well. It’s who I am every day. Its Ambition & purpose fueled by love. I do EVERYTHING OUT OF LOVE & my suns.

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