Best hip-hop project of the week: ‘King Za’ by Reck442

Reck442: remember the name because his project that you are going to discover will fascinate you just like it did for us. His hip-hop opus ”King Za”, places the artist among the most creative of his generation. 

From ‘Nawf Rozay’ to ‘Feel Alive’, ‘King Za’ contains only bangers. 

Reck442’s flow is recognizable and addictive from hard-hitting rap to subtle touches of chill R’N’B. The perfect combination with the flawless and vanguard productions. The project will bring you eclectic sonorities from hip-hop to black music-infused elements, to offer a unique musical journey. 

Reck442 is a promising artist who is not ready to slow down anytime soon. Listen to it now on Apple Music HERE:

“King Za was really giving you the day by day fill of things that we go through and certain emotions that we feel when we go through them” Reck442.

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