Blackchango Entertainment LLC: A Rising Record Label Making Waves in Puerto Rico

In November of 2021, Gilberto Nieves founded Blackchango Entertainment LLC, a record label company that has quickly become a major player in the Puerto Rican music scene. Born in Puerto Rico and a fan of reggaeton music from its origins, Gilberto has always dreamed of starting his own music company, and at 40 years old, he was finally able to make it a reality.

Blackchango Entertainment LLC’s first project was producing a song called “Te Caliento” by a local artist named Zeki. The song quickly became a hit, and Blackchango Entertainment LLC has since become a rising star in the Puerto Rican music industry.

“Te Caliento” by Zeki, produced by Blackchango Entertainment LLC, is a catchy club track with a high-energy beat and infectious lyrics. The song’s House Remix has been gaining traction on YouTube, with the video page garnering thousands of views.

But “Te Caliento” is just the beginning for Blackchango Entertainment LLC. Gilberto and his team have big plans for the future, including signing and promoting new artists, producing high-quality music videos, and organizing concerts and events.

One of the things that sets Blackchango Entertainment LLC apart from other record labels is their commitment to supporting local talent. Gilberto and his team are passionate about promoting Puerto Rican artists and giving them the opportunity to showcase their music to a wider audience.

In addition to producing music, Blackchango Entertainment LLC also offers artist management services, helping artists navigate the music industry and reach their full potential. Their team of experienced professionals provides guidance on everything from songwriting and production to marketing and promotion.

Blackchango Entertainment LLC’s success is a testament to Gilberto’s vision and dedication. With their focus on supporting local talent and producing high-quality music, Blackchango Entertainment LLC is sure to continue making waves in the Puerto Rican music scene.

In conclusion, Blackchango Entertainment LLC is a rising record label company that has quickly become a major player in the Puerto Rican music industry. Their commitment to supporting local talent, producing high-quality music, and offering artist management services has set them apart from other record labels. With their first hit “Te Caliento” and many more exciting projects in the works, Blackchango Entertainment LLC is poised for continued success in the future.


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