New song alert: Seago will drop a new banger soon

Seago will be releasing an outstanding new song that we’ve been lucky to hear before its release date. The track will be out after new year eve, and is entitled “Sueñita”: who it is or what it is? We don’t know yet.

But Seago will let us know once the song is out, he has a lot of surprising projects that will be coming in 2022.

Seago is an artist from Norway, he is 21 years old. Even though he has currently no songs online yet, what we see thanks to the teaser promises to be huge. We expect a lot of great music from him.

He has already collaborated with two international artists: the USA-based Crowded Places, and STILL ASHLAND, coming straight from Colombia.
Seago has been working with them for quite a while now and they have made a bunch of songs together before.

Seago can’t wait to share those songs, that we are excited to discover. Stay posted!