December addiction: ‘Now Is The Time’ by DANNY GUINAN

We had the immense happiness to discover DANNY GUINAN’s captivating album ‘Now Is The Time’, a beautiful musical gift to end 2021 on the right note.

Out of many songs that are available for Christmas time, there’s always one project that stands out from the rest. And this week, DANNY GUINAN’s opus ‘Now Is The Time’ was the perfect pick for a well-deserved peaceful moment.

Its combination of folk and acoustic-pop built over comforting vocal performance sent us straight into a cloud of pure sensations. ‘Now Is The Time’ is the definition of music: no superficial beats, no tasteless lyrics, only authentic and addictive melodies. 

With his alluring poetic world, DANNY GUINAN will make you feel good and healed, this is what we expect from music. 

DANNY GUINAN  in 7 facts :

IRELAND Born and raised

THE NETHERLANDS Home from home

ACOUSTIC GUITAR Weapon of choice

RECORD New solo album on the way

ELEVEN People involved in the recording

TOUR With Ed Veltrop on piano and keys

1977 Voyager spacecraft launched