Our conversation with rising star August Rayne

We all know that the RNB market is crowded nowadays and very competitive. However, it’s really rare to find artists capable of creativity and authenticity. Our artist of the day, August Rayne, has all of these qualities and that’s what makes her stand out from the crowd.

Coming straight from Little Rock, Arkansas, her music is addictive and her discography contains only hits, but it also unveils a progressive artistic recipe, while respecting the quality and energy that makes true RNB.

The beats mix old-school sounds with avant-garde elements, and her vocal performances are worthy of the greatest.

The tracks ‘Messed up’ and ‘Stay Wit me’ are a perfect illustration of what we mean, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love. Listen to them without further delay and discover our interview with the talented August Rayne below:

Who are you?

I am August Rayne

When did you start making music and how would you describe your sound?

I started writing my own music at around 12 years old. I used to write  a lot with no music but just Melodie’s in my head. The first time I recorded an original song was at a Boys and Girls club in Little Rock where I’m from and I was probably 14. A family friend had a small set up at the centre for kids to come and record and just do music things. The music was never released but it was a great first experience. 

I would describe my music as a mix of things. Real, relatable, honest. Music is the only time I’m transparent and even if it’s not my personal experiences I’m telling, it’s experienced from my point of view.

What is your creative process?

My creative process can be random. Sometimes I think of a dope line that I think would be good for a song and just jot it down or put it in my notes.  When I’m in a session, I’ll just listen to the beat, and however I’m led to sing is what I go with. I usually just hum a melody first and maybe do some freestyling and then go in and really write to articulate what it is I’m trying to say.

Tell us more about the latest release!

This latest release is called Messed Up written by myself and produced by Fantastick.

It’s about a moment that I had to be brutally  honest with myself but also understand my value. I felt in the moment I wrote this song that I didn’t know my value and because of that, I was put in a situation I didn’t have to be in IF I just knew my value. See, Once you know your place in someone’s life, you can avoid situations where someone got you messed up! You can avoid feeling like you’re fighting for someone’s attention. If someone wants you, then they want YOU and I think the ladies need to remember that. We are worthy and we don’t have to fight for a guys attention. If he’s not giving it, find someone who will.

What do you plan for the future?

I plan on making more great music and spreading love, kindness, peace and be a light.I want to become better because I respect the music game too much to handle this lightly. I’m only getting better with time and this is only the beginning.