“Deep Purple Sage”: New Exceptional Project by Sundance Jump with W. Dire Wolff.

Sunday, end of the weekend. The mood on this winter day goes with the colour of the sky. Melancholic. We just want to lay all day and listen to music. We have found the perfect project to accompany our mood. It is entitled “Deep Purple Sage” and is a CD, Vinyl, and Digital release by Sundance Jump with W. Dire Wolff.

This 11 tracks opus is a beautiful journey through the reassuring voices and amazing guitars.  We particularly love the way the overall album sounds: an old school style, reminding us of good times.

“Deep Purple Sage” blends with brio alternative rock and psychedelic acid rock. This creative work is a success! From the melodies to the production, passing by the vocal arrangement, everything is magic!

Our team selected one of our favourite track for our Spotify BEST OF THEMONTH#8 and it is “Boss Man Says”.

Without further ado, listen to the “Deep Purple Sage” project, out now on all music platforms and also in CD & Vinyl (click here to grab it).