Out today: New album “Moon Rituals 月儀式” by the Unique Sienná!

Our artist of the day is probably the best discovery of the whole week, and more. She creates an unreal musical and artistic world: her name is Sienná, a Japanese expatriate in Norway, and she incarnates everything that we admire in her new album: “Moon Rituals 月儀式”.

Experimentation and risk-taking. Sienná’s extraordinary new album “Moon Rituals 月儀式” blends beautiful melodies with unexpected sounds, from the east and the west. Exceptional genre-blending music with touches of electronic, Jazz and traditional-contemporary Japanese.

While discovering her unique work, we can not help but think about creative artists that we love since always like Björk, Massive Attack in a sense, even if it is really difficult to compare Sienná with anybody else.

Sienná’s world is a surprising delight. The album’s single “A hazy Moon” took us far away, in pure and peaceful landscapes. 

Sienná is a multi-talented artist who writes her lyrics, produces and brings a promising musical world.

Make sure to follow her amazing steps: