Deep Transit will accompany our spring the best way possible

Deep Transit is an artist who continues to surprise us with his music. Today, we want to celebrate his art, which will accompany this new season in the best way possible. 

It is not the first time we talk about him, and today we rediscover him thanks to “Liberate”, a song effortlessly blending old-school R’n’B with electronic sounds.

The track offers the promise of a wild and endless dance, to free your mind from the daily routine. Press play : 

More facts about Deep Transit :

Rob is a producer/songwriter and recording artist. Rob goes by the project name Deep Transit . R Mitchell started songwriting when he graduated from High school. Rob’s music style comes from many elements mostly 80’s and 90’s. Rob is influence by dance music. House music. Rap, Hip hop and electronic dance music. Rob has a flair of writing songs that are ready for radio edit production.

Deep Transit is a project name that Rob Mitchell goes by. Working with other musicians and engineers on projects in the late 90’s and early 2000. Deep Transit early days. Rob started out producing house music and EDM and dance music. But the turning point was the LP” Elevate”For that LP had 4 number 1 hits : “Embrace”, (On billboard Music chart ) Her smile (Like gravity), “Timeshift ” (Dance )and of course “After the rain”.Rob started doing other styles of music. The next LP’ Everything rhythm was release July 2022. With the number 1 hit on “Liberate”. and the number # 1 hit “Keep on dancing

All his music :