Dejhare Shares infectious EP “Plead The Fifth”

Dejhare shares an EP entitled “Plead The Fifth”, the best project of the month.

This is going to be a breakout year for Dejhare (pronounce Dei-Jhar) as she has just released her much anticipated EP “Plead The Fifth” that we have just discovered.

Stunning and delightful from start to finish, the 5-tracks opus transport the audience into a unique musical world blessed by pop and electronic elements. “Plead The Fifth” sends us straight to another planet.

The production and the vocal performances are tinted by incomparable artistic signature, and is a reflection about the complex world from both an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual perspective.

“Plead The Fifth” is a cohesive and satisfying EP by one of the most promising emerging artists. Nothing is left to chance, this is a piece of art that you need to discover right now:

“Whatever our beliefs and aspirations, we all share common desires – to love and to be loved, to succeed in what we do, and to matter.” Follow Dejhare now on Instagram: