Discover our exclusive conversation with Seraf-M

Our discovery of the day is probably one of the most promising of July 2020, a 4 impressive tracks EP entitled “SomeAreHighp” by Newschool Hip-Hop/RnB Seraf-M. 

From the first track “O M F G” we have been captivated by the creativity and strong energy between Hip-Hop, R&B, and trap rhythm. 

Thanks to a flawless production and a perfect and honest lyrical content, “SomeAreHighp”  take their place among the best 2020 Hip-Hop project. 

Press Play now and read our conversation below:

Welcome to our redaction. We are glad to have you today. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started your career?

Seraf-M is a Newschool hipHop/RnB group hailing from the DMV, consisting of Jun and Jargon. Seraf-M’s music can be defined as versatile, unique, energetic, and lyrical. They are the perfect combination of Hip-hop lyrics interwoven with RnB choruses, which makes them a premier act for party environments as well as having strong introspective moments.

Your music is very versatile with strong and truthful messages. What inspires you to write music?

What inspires us to write music is our outlook on life and the difficulties that we face. Even on our fun-sounding songs, there are traces of our worldview that really is second nature for us to express lyrically and often times humorously. 

Do you have a specific creative process to offer to this kind of sound?

Our creative process can range from us spontaneously recording an entire song based on the eventful night we just had like on “Triathlon” or it could have been a methodical process of structuring things meticulously. It honestly depends on the individual song, and/or project and our moods. What is going on in our lives at the time is another major factor.

How would you describe your latest project “SomeAreHighp”?

“SomeAreHighp” is a wordplay on SummerHype, as in a youthful and energetic somewhat reckless energy and “Some Are High” as in society is currently in a state where many people are constantly under the influence of something which may more-or-less shape their worldview. On “New Cities”, the infectious single of our EP, one of the lyrics is “You ask that dumb shit again, I’ll switch you out for your twin”, is the girl in question really a twin or are we saying that under the influence they all look they same, or is he saying that other women are so similar we literally cannot tell them apart or is it that we are “off the hype” and are the ones whose perspective is faulty. 

We can’t wait to hear more of your music, what are your plans for the future?

For the future, Seraf-M plans to produce more music, and expand our brand as much as possible. The crisp and cookie-cutter sound in terms of production and composition is a testament to our standard, so that level of presentation will remain consistent.

Connect with Seraf-M now on instagram: @S3rafm