Song spotlight: ‘Feelin your vibe’ by SAË feat Clem De La Creme

‘Feelin your vibe’ is our best discovery of the day, by SAË and featuring Clem De La Creme: we couldn’t ask for a better sound for our weekend. The track mixes dancing energy between old-school hip-hop, disco sonorities and retro addictive synthesizers.

The song’s undeniable quality and originality bring us back to our best musical memories, and here we find the music that makes us want to move, to feel good and free.

We listen to it on repeat:

Our redaction invited Clem De La Creme for a little chat, discover it right now!

Who are you?

Peace, I’m Clem De La Creme, an experimental Hip Hop artist currently based in Southern California

How did you start making music and how would you describe it?


I started taking music seriously during my years living in Shanghai, China. My friend Ivan, a great musician and artist, got me connected with a couple of producers who couldn’t keep up with my writing so I got on youtube and started making my own instrumentals and it was open mics and battles (The Movement, The Foundation, Come Correct Crew, GDG, John Shanghai, Iron Mic and FTG) that really allowed me to grow and gave me places to connect with other artists and it exploded from there giving me opportunities to tour cities around China. I’m a Hip Hop artist promoting Peace, Unity, Love and safely having fun. As an artist, I want to help inspire people to feel and share love, part of that comes from learning to love the different parts of ourselves so you will see a wide range of styles and topics covered in my music. 

What is your creative process?


The creative process will vary and will also depend on if I am collaborating with others. Sometimes I will be going through beats and then an idea comes to me so I start writing, maybe I will freestyle and then take a part of it and build from there. Sometimes there is a concept in my mind already about what topic I want to cover or something in my life that is so powerful at the moment that it needs to be expressed in music. My phone is full of recordings of ideas, maybe it is one line or just a melody, a lot of stuff that entertains me. When I am working with others I want to help bring their vision to life, if it is a track of my own then sometimes I get very stuck in my way about how I think it should be but I’m working on being more open-minded, shout out to everyone that gives me constructive criticism, wouldn’t be here without you.

Can you tell us about your last outing?


The latest release ‘Feelin Your Vibes’ is an excellent example to talk about collaboration and the creative process. I was first introduced to SAË through my friend Suyash Groover, an amazing percussionist, who said that I should work with SAË on this funky track he was doing. I messaged SAË and he liked my style and was ready to work. SAË is based in France and we’ve actually never met in person, but we had some zoom calls and sent messages back and forth. I wrote and recorded some lyrics which he said were too serious and didn’t match his vision, so he gave me some ideas and references of what he had in mind and then I saw where he wanted to go with it. With being locked down I really missed performing in different cities and connecting with new people so I used that in my lyrics to bring us all to the party. One other thing I want to make sure to mention is that SAË plays all of the instruments you hear in the song which makes the track that much more live. His electrofunk groove will definitely get you moving and have you listening to the song with your hips. Been a pleasure working on this one with SAË.

What can we expect from you for the future?


In short, for the future, I plan to keep sharing my gifts and connecting with people. We’re in the last months of 2021 and I still have a few things coming. First I’m excited to say that SAË and myself will be recording an acoustic version of “Feelin Your Vibes” so make sure to follow so you don’t miss it. I also have my 3rd EP releasing on October 29th titled “Just Us.” and I ran a contest for my fans on my IG page and flew to Atlanta, Georgia last week to take the winner out to lunch and record some video footage for a music video for the title track “Just Us.” which will be dropping with the EP. This next month I will release singles with features from Hip-Hop legends Cappadonna and Killah Priest and the last large project I will be releasing this year is a compilation with producers and emcees from around China as a homage to Hip Hop legend Afrika Islam. As you can see, 2021 has been really productive. Thank you for the interview and thanks to everyone reading this, I appreciate you taking the time. There is more coming in 2022, so make sure to stay connected!