Discovering “Ethereal”, an outstanding album signed Sonic Alchemy

Artist are nowadays more and more numerous and the competition is rude. However, if the industry is tuned by machines and electronic beats, it is rarer and rarer to discover solid projects delivering real music, with musician and organic sound. The new album by Sonic Alchemy belongs to this category.

His latest album “Ethereal” is a musical beauty between folk, alternative rock and effortlessly blends other music genres. The Denver-based musician songwriter Steve Johnston has his own recipe when it comes to music, and with the collaboration of other outstanding Colorado-based musicians and vocalists (Michael Mahan of Spectacle, Dwight Mark, Maria De Carlo of Gray Noize, Victor Avellino and Rob Brandon of Mag Percussion), the eleven-tracks opus is a musical success and we had a pleasant listen from “Wait All Day” to “Try To Get Free”. 

The lyrical content quality is also one of the striking points, as it offers beautiful and poignant verses. 

Listen to the full project:

Sonic Alchemy’s new album “Ethereal” is now available for download on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play/You Tube and many more.

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