Discovering Solo Drew with his outstanding Coi Leray Remix

Today we are glad to introduce you to our revelation of the day: Solo Drew. He shared an addictive remix for Coi Leray’s “Fly Sh!t”, infectious and hard-hitting. 

Blending a haunting melodic trap with dill colors and lo-fi beats, this remix is creative and addictive from start to finish. Solo Drew proves that he is among the most creative of his generation and offer a strong new hip-hop vision. We ask him two questions : 

What inspired you to remix Coi Leray’s Fly Shit?

Honestly, I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I heard a snippet of the song. I immediately gravitated towards it due to how different the beat sounded to me. I haven’t heard a beat with that much “character” in a long time. So I decided to take my turn at it and I’m happy that I did.

As an artist yourself, what about Coi Leray stands out to you?

To me she doesn’t stay in one lane and that’s one thing I admire about certain artists. A lot of artists out right now want to do what everyone else is, as far as their beat selection or what they are talking about in the songs. Coi always manages to switch it up and not care what anyone has to say!