Discovering the mysterious sw1tch

At only 16 years old, our artist of the day sw1tch knows how to stand out from the crowd.

Hsi discography, which we have just discovered crates out of the norms, exploring urban electronic sonorities, tinted by mysterious and haunting soundscapes.

The structures are uncommon, with solid rhythms and explosives cadence. We were curious to know more about his creative process. Listen to his music now and discover sw1tch below in 3 questions:

Welcome! Who are you and how did you start to make music ?

Hi I’m sw1tch, I started making music when I was 11 (5 years ago) on bandlab but then progressed to FL studio.

What inspires you to create music ?

I’d say what inspires me is just the lifestyle of being a artist. I’ve always adored being able to tour one day and still hold myself to accomplish it.

Do you have a specific creative process ?

I really don’t have a process. I’ll usually just freestyle in most scenarios.

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