Discovering The Proper Authorities

Today we met with our best artist of April: Keith Adams AKA The Proper Authorities. He has recently released what is probably the best track of the season, an outstanding sing entitled “Perfect Alibi”.

From the first notes, we were caught in his addictive artistic recipe between pop, rock music, and touches of trip-hop vibes. With the perfect instrumentation, Keith Adam’s recognizable vocal performance, everything is set for the audience to have a beautiful musical moment.

“Perfect Alibi” is an eclectic song, the definition of a Hit, that we would have the pleasure to listen to on repeat on radios, and on stage. 

The Proper Authorities has the talent to bring a new sound to the table in a crowded industry, and that’s exactly what we expect from artists today.

Listen to “Perfect Alibi” right now, and discover the artist in the 5 questions below:

Welcome to our redaction. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started to make music?

Hi! My name is Keith Adams, and I’m a long-time musician, multimedia artist, videographer, and more. I started out as a kid drummer and pianist and branched out into guitars in my teen years. I actually minored in music theory and composition in college, though I majored in computer systems. Both fields of study were very helpful for my music skills. Playing professionally throughout most of my 20s was also a great way to grow as a recording artist and producer.

What is your main inspiration to write music?

I appreciate both the art and science of creating and combining tone, pitch, rhythm, and intensity into pieces of drama. I like the craft of putting a sound puzzle together that can make people dance, sing along, imagine, remember, or just enjoy.

How would you describe your creative process?

I play drum beats everywhere I go, every day. If there is a table, a countertop, a desk, or even my legs, I will play random beats just for the love of it. This is how half of my songs begin. Otherwise, I’m humming bass lines or guitar riffs to go along with those beats. The words are always last, and tend to follow the tone of the instruments.

Your latest release “Perfect Alibi” is now on repeat in our playlist! We admire its versatility. Can you tell us more about it?

The idea of experiencing a false sense of security was a very interesting idea to try to capture in a song. The challenge was to illustrate the feeling of dread and vulnerability felt by someone challenging their significant other about the future of their relationship, but still give the questioner some courageous footing.

What do you plan for the future?

I am working on more Proper Authorities music for release later this year, but before then, I’m really excited about a project I am in with friends of mine. We’re called The Hynx, and we’ve been working with Terry Bickers from The House of Love on our debut EP. I’m singing and playing drums on it, and though it’s a different vibe than Proper Authorities, I think people will REALLY like it a lot.

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