MAVIX: Our hit maker of the day

We start the month and the new season on a high note thanks to our discovery of the day: MAVIX, an outstanding singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist coming straight from Brazil. The international artist and musician now based in LA, offers an addictive and sunny musical moment that we all needed.

His latest single is entitled “onlyfans” and brings you on a musical journey through pop melodies, catchy rhythm with Latin hints. From the first notes, it brings you a beautiful dose of positive energy and happiness.

MAVIX, who also supports art school for poor families in the favelas, gives hope thanks to his musical offering, and we listen to “onlyfans” over and over again like an addiction.

“Love the differences and taking care of our planet”, says MAVIX, a beautiful message. We just can wait to see him live, when (we hope), the world comes back to normal.

Meanwhile, discover it without further delay below:

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