Discovering the young rapper VTNBen in 5 questions

Our mission at the-further is to discover the emerging artists, the young creators who will make the future of music. Today we are more than glad about our discovery: VTNBen, a young rapper who just started to make music 2 months ago but already shows that he has a well-deserved place among the artists who will make 2021, and more…

His latest offering is a single entitled “Hate me” and unveils a fastidious and unique recipe between Hip-Hop beat, rock hints, and melodic catchy instrumentations. At only 14 years old, VTNBen clearly shows his promising talent. 

Press play right now and Rendez-vous below to discover VTNBen in 5 questions.


We are glad to have you today! Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you started to make music?

I am VTNBen and I started making beats 2 years ago which led me into making music.

What inspires you to create, do you have a specific creative process?

I make music depending on how I’m feeling and when I’m feeling good
I usually start off with a verse that I work off of that fits well with the song.

How did you come up with “Hate Me”?

I made it about a month ago and I found a beat I really liked so I started writing on my phone and it blew up from there.

Your plan for the future?

I plan on growing myself to the point where people know my name