He Wrote This Song When He Was Homeless, Now The World Is Listening: focus on Stevie Z

February sounds pretty exciting in terms of musical discovery, especially when we know that one of our favorite artists Stevie Z is about to release a new track. A special and symbolic one, that he wrote while he was homeless. 

With his coming banger entitled “T.I.M.E. (This Is me Evolving)”, the independent Hip-Hop artist is about to prove that he is a diamond in the rough and that he is ready to change the game.

An advocate for self-sufficiency, independence, and ownership, Stevie Z  is completely reshaping what the new Indie artist is up against.

Indeed, “T.I.M.E.” has been produced, performed, and recorded by himself, self releases with United Masters under his label “ILLosophy Multimedia.”

We have had a chance to hear a preview, and all we have to say is that “T.I.M.E.” will surprise more than one hip-hop lover thanks to an explosive and unique recipe. Flawless production, intense and sharp flow, interesting lyrical content: this track will make 2021.

Stay tuned and don’t miss the release on February 12th.