Discovering Whole Damn Mess, our band of the month

Whole Damn Mess is a band that gave us the dose of energy we needed this weekend. We discovered them with “Nothing In The World Feels Better” and the Los Angeles musicians seduced us thanks to a unique artistic signature.

We will keep from sticking a precise genre to the band that has certain artistic research and large influences. Whole Damn Mess combines several genres from rock to pop and fights the contextualization of music into singular non-expansive genres.

The 4 musicians, Don Miggs, C. Todd Nielsen, Lawrence Katz, and Greg Hansen, are offering limitless creativity as well as strong communicative energy. Everything that you will unconditionally love. They have announced their upcoming release, “Some Big Something” out in July, and we won’t miss it.

Without further ado, discover the band’s music here and Rendez-vous below to read our interview with Don Miggs from Whole Damn Mess:


Tell us who you are, how did Whole Damn Mess come together, and how you started playing music?

I’m Don Miggs. One of the 4 main members of the collective is known as Whole Damn Mess. I sing and play guitar, mostly, but we all sing and play all instruments! The band came together when C Todd Nielsen (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Lawrence Katz (guitars, vocals) came to my studio with the intent that we three songwriters and producers would make music. It turns out the music we made felt like the music we should be doing instead of anyone else, so we decided to make a go of it. And then we brought in one of our best friends and most talented musicians, Greg Hansen, and we felt complete!!

What are your musical inspirations?

Don – It started with my dad and uncles. There are 5 of them and they all played and loved music so they gave me their favorites and so it began. From there I would gravitate towards melodies. Then a lyric would keep me, and a great musical piece was icing on the cake, but one instrument and the right vocal are as powerful as anything.

What is the band’s creative process?

Don – WDM (Whole Damn Mess) has developed a specific DNA now so it’s easier to determine what gets worked on. We are 4 writers and producers, so we are constantly making music for some artists and honing the craft. All that feeds WDM because we can be very specific about what this music IS. Any one of us has an idea and we drop it on the pile. If someone picks it up, we do more. We aren’t precious about it. Then we pass it around and work on some additive parts. And when we are together, we keep sculpting it.

Can you tell us more about your latest song release “Nothing In The World Feels Better”?

Don – So Greg says he had the song in his head in the shower. Put a little thing down and brought it to us. We all knew it was special and we fleshed it out. It became a bit of a blueprint for who we are on this album. Feels old and new at the same time. Very WDM.

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming song release “Some Big Something?” ?

Don – We are super excited about “Some Big Something” because it feels like the relative to “Nothing In The World Feels Better.” It’s another song about embracing the beauty of being and living. Being OK where you are but not giving up if what you like to do is dream big. Can’t wait for it to be in the world.

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