Dive into the emotional-driven ‘Nobody Wins (Pray for Ukraine)’ by Marc Lowe

Photo by Akiko Honda

In a world of uncertainty and ambient threat, some artists offer the possibility of extraordinary musical journeys, while remaining connected to the emotions inspired by the sad news.

Marc Lowe enters this category. The artist who currently resides in Tokyo creates unexpected music with strong messages through his surprising ‘Nobody Wins (Pray for Ukraine)’.

More than music, the track is a true work of art that needs to be heard and contemplated. Its emotion instantly connects with your soul, your thoughts, fears and hopes and explore through uncommon experimental structure, between industrial sounds and mystical, dark, intense melodic elements.

Artist and multi-instrumentalist Marc Lowe creates art to make us reflect on our condition as citizens of such a challenging world while reinventing the music.

Dive into the intense and emotional-driven ‘Nobody Wins (Pray for Ukraine)’:


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