The best artistic project of the year: PLANET ZABOR AND KP LARSEN 

Planet Zabor is a science fiction comic series created by Rubén Palma about animal consciousness and sentience. In Planet Zabor the master species are pigs and humanoids are just edible animals. 


Planet Zabor is entertaining and intellectual, is cruel and sentimental. Its music video presentation is a good mixture of modern rap, classic blues and heavy, industrial rock. Voice of Tamara Pereira. Judge by yourself:  


The song “On Planet Zabor” was produced by the top professional and guitar virtuoso KP Larsen (just listen to the solo in the video). KP Larsen sympathized with the animal friendly message of Planet Zabor and generously helped pro bono.

KP Larsen dedicates some of his time to talented upcoming singers. Talented singers among readers of The Further can try their luck HERE!