“DO YA TING”: a 2022 musical gift by the one and only CJ JOE

January 2022 already! You just might need to start this new year the sweetest way. With pleasant, simple sensations that fill you with addictive energy. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With “DO YA TING” by the one and only CJ JOE, you have more than a beautiful song, a rare musical journey where you can listen to the undeniable talent.

Thanks to addictive and effective melodies, high-quality production, and soulful reggae sonorities, “DO YA TING” will seduce you and help you to believe in yourself. From the start, you are touched by a blast of energy and an incomparable sense of musicality. CJ JOE shines by his authenticity and generous message.

Listen to it, it will have an immediate effect on your soul:


All credits:

Produced by Scarecrow Beats Guest

Sax: Manuel Trabucco

Background Vocals: Shauna “Dazzle” Dixon

Mix and Master: Steve Drakeem (Lottus Studio)

Art Cover: Ed (Bridge Assist)