Ego teams up with more than 70 artists for a Christmas in peace and unity

December already. The festive season is upon us, but in complex and grey times. In this unsure context, the world needs more than ever a bit of hope, of positive energies. Our best act of the month, probably of 2022 is EGO World Music, created by Triple 7. EGO World Music’s mission is simple: embarking the audience into a peaceful musical journey, full of light, diversity, while offering the possibility of a better world.

Ego teamed up with more than 70 artists around the world to offer this artistic gift titled ‘Humanity Merry Christmas’, which is rocked by infectious melodies, between pop and familiar winter belt, a sound that unity people fro the first notes.

Thanks to ‘Humanity Merry Christmas’, the end of the year is saved and promises to be in peace and creative. Press play now and discover our exclusive conversation with him below:

Welcome to the-further! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started making music?

Hello! within the EGO World Music project I am the creator of the project both music and lyrics and the producer signing as T7 (Triple 7) my alter ego, never better said xD.

Since I was a child I was not attracted to music until I heard the song “Sadeness” by Enigma in Christmas 90’s… from then on, it was like an awakening and I speak through music.

What are your main inspirations to write and create?

God, Humanity, Love and Suffering.

How did you come up with the ideas for the project called EG? How can you describe your creative process?

EGO was initially born more than 10 years ago travelling around many countries of the world with the intention of uniting the most relevant religions of the world in order to give a message of union to the world “that what unites us is stronger than what separates us”… this was motivated by all the attacks in the name of “God” throughout the times.

However, a few years ago, I decided to open this religious plane to 6 more planes (7 in total, hence one of the reasons to sign as T7) so EGO World Music seeks to unite the human being from 7 planes: Science / Psychology / Beliefs or Religions / History / Philosophy / Languages and Music.

So far the 3 EGO singles are based on social events motivated by concrete facts such as the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement and George Floyd.

How was the collaboration with the featured artists and how did the pandemic affect your work?

The pandemic has been a total misfortune for the world and I am personally grateful that no one close to me has been affected. On the other hand it had some positive impact in the sense that “life” forces you to stop! and it was me personally that helped me in March last year in writing all the lyrics for the EGO World Music project.

What messages do you want the audience to remember from your music?

That no matter how different we are, we are all looking for the same thing? happiness, peace and love! We are One!

What can we expect from you in the future?

God willing, music made with the soul, worked with the heart, created with dreams!

Thank you very much!

‘Humanity Merry Christmas’ full credits HERE