Another Christmas with Ute

As the Christmas season is upon us, one of our cherrished artists Ute, who you already know if you read us, returns with a little gift ‘Christmas Morning’.

You will be immersed in a few minutes of peaceful music rocked by relaxing melodies, and Ute’s comforting voice. 

The release of ‘Christmas Morning’ is the occasion for our redaction to interview Ute. Listen to her music now and rendez-vous below to know more about it. 


You have a new single for the holidays. Please tell us all about it:

Joyful, grateful emotions while I look outside my window being all by myself during the holiday season.
Christmas Morning is a beautiful very emotional song about my peaceful feeling on that special morning.

What inspires you the most to write and sing Christmas music?:

Mostly the memories I have as a child and all the different Holiday experiences through the years gone by are my inspirations.

What is your process?

How do you get into the mood for songs for the holidays?

Christmas is my favorite holiday and therefore I am always in the mood for Christmas music

Can you describe your latest release “Christmas Morning?

On Christmas Morning I describe my feeling for that special time of this holiday. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and a fireplace looking out of my window enjoying that grateful inner peaceful moment

What do you plan for the future?

The second part of my documentary Ute – Keeping The Spirit is in post-production and will be released in spring 2022 with a matching soundtrack.
The title song should be the single release of 2022 called “Keeping The Spirit”.