Dilara Foscht is an internationally working actress, born and raised in Austria, Europe. She started her creative journey with dancing, competing successfully at both, national and international championships. Foscht really fell in love with acting when she was only 8 years old. Due to her family’s love for telling stories and reading books she started to learn books and poems by hard,- on her own. Since the Austrian actress has a lot of siblings (4 siblings) there was hardly a day without one or another creative adventure: From creating dance choreographies in the living room to fashion shows to painting contests. Foscht studied acting at the Athanor Akademie of Performing Arts in Germany until she relocated to Canada where she takes acting classes in Vancouver and LA. Apart from that, Foscht worked with renowned acting coaches such as John Homa, Anthony Meindl, David Strasberg, Harry Shifman, James Kot, Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad. Foscht also worked with well-known voice coaches such as Bob Corff and Bruce Eckstut to name a few. One of her most acclaimed theatre productions so far has been Dorian Gray-Pictures of Beauty, which premiered in her hometown Graz. Dilara was been discovered by the director at a youth community theatre performance and was shortly after cast as the lead for the independent theatre play. Foscht was cast for the German TV pilot I’m Awake as well as a leading role in the 13th season Das Supertalent. In 2020 Foscht co-produced and directed her first short movie Eve, which beautifully mirrors Foscht’s European origin and the influence it has on her filmmaking. Find out more about Actress Dilara Foscht by reading our exclusive interview below!



Do you feel it is hard to act in different/multiple languages?
Dilara Foscht: Not so much anymore. I started acting in my mother tongue, German, and it was really hard for me to connect to my emotions at the beginning. Working in English made me actually way more confident and comfortable with sharing emotions and being truthfull, in front of a live audience or even the camera. I really like working multi lingual now. The melodies and rhythms of each language are so beautiful, and usually there is a reason why the character speaks those languages. It just connects me even more to their roots and `life story´.

Which genre is your favorite genre to act in?

Dilara Foscht: I don´t really have one particular movie genre that I prefer over others. It really depends on the story and the character. If I can connect to a character and the story- then I´m excited to work on a script.

I do have to say though that I really like period pieces and stories about strong female characters, like Suffragettes” or Little Women”.


Is there a different approach when preparing for a period piece?
Dilara Foscht: I´m not sure if I would say there is a different approach but I definitely do a lot of research. I watch movies that were authentically made in that time period,- so in this case in the 1930-50s,- and I read books and do web research on the time period. Especially political or historical events are often very interesting since they usually shape the landscape of that time. I also like reading literature of the time period I am playing in since literature often tells me how the everyday people perceived life. 




(1) Besides dancing, acting and singing, Foscht is an experienced horseback rider.

(2) She is also fluent in German, English and speaks Italian as well.

(3) Dilara Foscht also has an identical twin sister, Bianca Foscht, who she often describes as “her better half.”

(4) Foscht was born and raised, one out of five kids, in Austria, Europe. Her ancestry however, leads back to Italy and Slovenia and Dilara spent parts of her live living in Germany as well.

(5) Dilara´s mother was a teacher and successful dancer herself which probably led Foscht to get into dancing herself. After many years of successful dance training Foscht finally decided to pursue a career in acting.





OFFICIAL WEBSITE:  https://www.dilara-foscht.com

IMDB:  https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11259677/