“Flamefarmer” is Demon Mine’s new album

If you know our redaction pretty well, you will have remarked that we love to highlight unique artists. Those who can create out of the box, and who have their own world. Our discovery of the day is Demon Mine and is one of them.

The experimental artist has just dropped a new album entitled “Flamefarmer”, a unique 10 tracks project. A journey through the unknown.

Demon Mine deliver a mysterious and cinematographic opus between electronic sounds and dark synthesizers. From “Cactus Wind” to “Tartarian Templar”, we feel like being immersed into a horror or suspenseful movie scene. 

“America is a complete blazing nightmare right now and that’s what the album is about, the only thing we have to plant and to eat now is fire” says Demon Mine.

Enter the “Flamefarmer” experience now: