Our conversation with the insolite emerging artist Fly Blai$e

Today we met with an unorthodox artist, a beautiful surprise for the music game. We are happy to introduce you to Fly Blai$e, a Hawaï-born, Texas-based Marine who understood quite fast that he had a talent for music. And this is for our greatest delight.

Electro with heavy beats. Dubstep-infused synth and experimentation. Fly Blai$e’s tracks are pretty unique and deliver strong energy. 

“Drop Zone” one of our favourite track, illustrates our point. Instantly as the tune begins we feel our bodies starting to move in ways we didn’t think were possible.

We are surprised track after track as there is something for every mood. Fly Blai$e will rock our days for the whole week. Let’s discover our conversation with Fly Blai$e below:


Welcome to the-further! You have quite a unique story with music! Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Blaise Pascual. I am a Marine Corps pilot first and I make Dubstep/EDM in my free time. I took piano lessons growing up, but I didn’t start to produce my own music until high school. I focused mostly on Dirty South Trap beats at the time. By the end of high school I fell in love with EDM. Steve Aoki, RL Grime, and Skrillex were a few of my favorite artists and they got me hooked into the scene. I started producing EDM, DJing parties, and performing at open mics while attending the University of Washington. Music has always been important to me, but it has never been my sole focus. I wanted to serve my country because the United States has given so much for my family and I wanted to give back. I also wanted to have an epic, challenging job. I decided to prioritize being a pilot in the Marine Corps (which I believe to be the most badass job on the planet) over music. I could always go back to being a producer/DJ after the military, but you can’t fly planes forever. Currently, I’m a multi-engine flight student, which is my top priority. With proper time management, I set aside time to produce and DJ club gigs.

Your sound is eclectic but has its own direction at the same time. What inspires you to make music?

I am inspired by the intensity and feeling of music. I like to make music that I could see myself headbanging to at raves or that I could fight someone to (MMA is one of my other hobbies). I listen to a lot of hip hop and I draw inspiration from the sick beats they have.

What is your creation process?  

Due to my limited time to produce music, I have to make songs in chunks. It normally takes me 2-3 weeks to complete a song now. I usually start with a melody since my background is in piano and it comes naturally. From there, I do what feels/sounds right. Maybe drum pattern, maybe some sound design. Eventually I mix and master it and am ready to release. I currently only produce singles since I am unable to allocate the time required to produce an album. When it comes to naming my tracks, I have pivoted towards names that reference some aspect of aviation. For example I have a song entitled “Take Flight” which I wrote after I completed Primary Flight Training.

Your latest release is entitled “Drop Zone”. It’s a world to explore, to see, and to experiment! Can you tell us more about it?

A drop zone is a term used to describe an area that people skydive at or where cargo will be released from an aircraft. The adlib I used in the track says “neck drop”. I am training to be a C-130 pilot and one of the mission sets I will have is to fly over drop zones to release Marines to skydive into combat zones or to drop off heavy equipment.

Your work is promising and we can’t wait to hear more from you. What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to continue making singles and DJing when I have time. Like I said, my priority is flying and serving my country as a Marine Corps Officer. My ultimate dream, after the military, is to fly my own plane to different countries around the world and to play shows.

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