Focus on the Extraordinary “Fashion Killa” by Ravoshia

Our focus of the day is a singer that gave us hope in music again. Let us introduce you to Ravoshia (pronounced Raa-vash-shia) and her amazing single “Fashion Killa.

Wild attitude and unique talent: Fashion Killa is truly extraordinary, a musical diamond. American and UK radios have already adopted the single as well as millions of people.

Her sound is very signature, being a cool multiplex of pop, hip-hop, reggae, and r&b. And guess what, we have seen that she is releasing a new single soon this fall called “Mastermind”. We just can’t wait.

The fashion Killa video has now racked up over 156,000 views and seems to be rising higher and higher, so there’s no telling where it will finish. Promising. We won’t miss any second of her career.

Watch and listen to Fashion Killa right now: