MAURY 111 drops electro-pop banger “Erase”

Our discovery of the day: Emerging electronic artist MAURY 111 and his banger “Erase”.

It’s a vanguard piece of work, a new musical world, an infectious track. We speak about “Erase” by MAURY 111. The artist meets our expectations when it comes to creativity and we wonder why we did not discover him before. 

The song carries gorgeous synth-pop sonorities and an intriguing, almost cinematic, atmosphere. It’s very hypnotising from start to finish.

The vocal performance is incomparable, mystic, and possess your mind before you know it: “Erase” is not from this earth and offers a true experience through the unknown. That’s what real music is about:

“Pyramidune” is also a track that illustrates our point and that you need to discover right now:

MAURY 111 is definitely an artist we will keep an eye on as we are curious to know what he has in stock.