French Rapper Ninja Funèbre Unleashes Intense New Track ‘Esprit’

French rapper Ninja Funèbre emerges today with his intense new track “Esprit,” offering a recipe for rap that resonates with audiences worldwide. Even if one doesn’t understand the language, it’s the energy that speaks volumes — dark, powerful, and captivating. The production behind the track robustly supports the artist’s razor-sharp flow.

Ninja Funèbre, born on March 10, 1990, in Livry-Gargan, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, crafts a style characterized by its darkness and melancholy, which poignantly expresses his inner thoughts and struggles.

“Esprit” encapsulates Ninja Funèbre’s evolution as an artist, blending his distinctive rap style with a laid-back, yet memorable melody in the chorus. His music transcends language barriers, speaking directly to the soul with its raw authenticity. 

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