Clint Is good

Clint Is good

French rising artist Clint Is Good unveils “Les Fleurs du Mâle”

If you follow Clint Is Good like we do, you will know that the French artist has released a new EP entitled “Les Fleurs du Mâle”. An EP that immediately convinced us thanks to his limitless creativity and vanguard urban sonorities. Since we discovered him, he has also been proving his power in the musical landscape.

His new 6-tracks project highlights his talent for blending genres: between afro rhythms, on tracks like “Baby Mama”, electro-grime sounds, that we can appreciate on “Mojo”, ft Esta, which the clip was released yesterday, each track is made to immerse the listener in a new musical universe.

The personality of Clint Is Good continues to evolve towards the best, and more than an artist, he sets new trends and takes risks that few have the luxury to offer. He effortlessly complements his already well-rounded talent and confirms his place among the most productive of his generation.

“Les Fleurs du Mâle” is another success signed Clint Is Good, and undoubtly one of the best projects of 2021.

Press play right now:


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