Gods Calling: New banger by Apex Mees feat Par$ha

New Music Sunday: Apex Mees [feat Par$ha] released a dope Hip-Hop track entitled “Gods Calling”.

We’ve lately listened to a lot of Trap songs, but believe me, “Gods Calling” has the quality and the level required to become global.

Unique flow as well as explosive punchlines. We also loved the Persian part. The track is just surprising from the beginning to the end…

Without further ado, Let’s Apex Mees in 5 questions:

We are happy to have you for an exclusive interview! Can you introduce yourself to our audience and tell us how you started to make music.

My name is Apex Mees and I got into music because my dad was an aspiring persian musician who would sing at weddings and persian television. My parents actually met as they were in the same choir class. Growing up I was always around music and started to play piano and persian songs that my father could sing to. I then started to listening to hip hop heavily when I turned 10 and started making beats when I turned 13 and linking up with rappers at my school. the rest is history.

You have strong lyrics, what inspires you to write and create?

My inspiration for my music comes from events that occur in my life and being around the car scene, going to car meets and aspiring to live a luxurious lifestyle. Although I can tend to be a contradiction and make music about being humble and loving what you have.

We are curious to know more about your creation process. How does it look like?

I have numerous ways in my creation process, one starts right at home by playing my piano and just freestlying melodies until a tune seems just right and I start making a beat and writing to it at the same time. other times it will be with messing with a drum pattern then adding a melody to it slowly and writing along the way. Other times I will be in the car with my cousin Par$ha crusing listening to beats online then all of a sudden one hits and we cant stop vibing and writing to it.

Your latest release Gods Calling is dope! Tell us more about it

My latest release happened one night when I was really down I hit up my manager Cameron and he told me to meet him up at a bar he was at. We started having a couple whiskys then my cousin Par$ha showed up and we all started talking about how far we have come in the last 5 years and how long its been since we have been to the studio with everything thats been going on. All of a sudden Cameron showed us this beat which we couldnt help vibing to, we booked a studio session right away with my boy Alexey at Real Line Studios and laid down the track right away. It just felt right and really felt like Gods Calling for us to get back to doing what we love and really going all out this year.

We will follow your step for sure. What are your plans for the future?

After the release of Gods Calling my cousin Par$ha and I have been working on a project together where we are blending american and persian hip hop into one. at a time where theres so much tension between these two nations its special to be able to bring our cultures together through music. We both grew up in the states but we have the culture deep in us which inspires us to blend the two types of hip hop so effortlessly. So dont sleep on Apex Mees and Par$ha as we are just beginning a new wave of international american/persian hip hop.