In an endless transe with “Ayuwa”, by C:3

As Friday is arriving fast, our redaction has discovered the track that will accompany our best parties. This is thanks to Lebanon-born DJ-producer C:3 and his epic “Ayuwa”.

From the first seconds, we are immersed in wild rhythms, haunting electronic synthesizers, and a savage structure that will make you dance all night, and maybe all day long too.

“Ayuwa” effortlessly blends house music with techno colours, and above all an incomparable energy. it is intense, dark but appealing, and above all crafted with limitless creativity and authenticity. While listening to C:3’s sounds, we forget about our daily routine and grey days, to enter a colourful and psychedelic world.

Be ready to be transported into a new planet of sounds, futuristic artistic visions, and vivid emotions. We told you, it’s going to accompany your house parties the best way possible, your friends will thank you.
Press play :